About MartyToons

Hi ! Welcome to MartyToons, where Cartoons and Music Collide. I'm a Humorous Illustrator / Cartoonist, and a lot of my current work is inspired by my passion for really good, ( in my opinion ), music.

   If you're like me, music is really special to you. Our deep passion for really good music makes us unique. To us, music is more than background noise, its' a type of medicine. A really good song can reach deep down inside and lift us up. It can help us get over the hump, lift the fog, and bring us to a better place, even just temporarily, and that's good.

   Since you're reading this, I think I can assume you're also a fan of whimsical cartoon art. That's a pretty cool combination, fun stimulation for the eyes, ear, and mind.  Hopefully that's enough for you to keep coming back. I love interacting with my audience.. if you have the time, check out my blog. At times I pick a random "Classic" song, breakdown the lyrics and history, and also through in a cartoon that relates to the song in some way. I'm open to song requests from my subscribers for future posts, and also offer special subscriber discounts and sales. 

   So poke around and let me know what you think.. I'd really like to know. - Thanks, Marty