Playin' and Sinnin' with Whiskey & Wimmin


   Whether they're ingredients for a good time, or cause for a sorrow filled life, references to alcohol, loose women, and other substances of abuse are abundant in Rock and Roll and The Blues.  Take this lyric sample from the iconic blues performer, John Lee Hooker, for example"

"Whiskey and wimmin almost wrecked my life

Whiskey and wimmin almost wrecked my life
Weren't for whiskey and wimmin, I'd have money today

Nightlife, nightlife, nightlife
Ain't no good, ain't no good for me
I had a good start, but wimmin and whiskey tore it down"

     Rock and Roll has rebellion, Rockabilly has Dice and the Devil, Jazz has smokey night clubs and neon lights, and The Blues has alcohol and promiscuity. The references to alcohol and promiscuousness  are what inspired me to create my Whiskey & Wimmin, Playin' & Sinnin' design, shown above. I wanted to capture what a blues brand of Whiskey would look like. I thought the design should hint at having a good time, while also have a sense of class about it. I also experiented with some digital water color brushes, trying to capture a slightly vintage feel to the characters' design.

   Drop me a line, and let me know what you think. Post a reply and share with a friend and let me know what they think.  Till next time, be safe and well. 

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