Honky Cat

Elton John influenced cartoon poster design


   I recently watched the Elton John bio pic Rocket Man recently, and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. I like alot of Elton's music, but after being dragged to watch Bohemian Rhapsodu (sorry, not really a Queen fan), I had some reservations about the movie Rocket Man. 

   What I found really interesing was that it changed the way I listen to several of Elton John's songs now. The visuals they used in the movie for the various songs were different than the ones I had in my head when I used to listen to them. I kept asking myself if the interpretations of the songs in the movie were the actual idea behind the songs when they were written. If my memory is right, some of the songs were written during different timelines than when they were used in the movie, but the way they were used made so much sense. It was a really enjoyable watch, and even if you're a casual Elton John fan, I highly recommend it. 
  A few days after I watched the movie, an idea popped in my head for an Elton John influenced design. You would think that the design would somehow be based on Rocket Man, but for some reason, Elton's song Honky Cat kept popping into my head. That may have something to do with my liking to draw anthropomorphic cartoon animals.
   I've been experimenting with using textures more in my designs, so I decided I wanted to create a vintage and worn poster. I was going for something you may see on an old alley brick wall from a concert that happened years back and wass never taken down. I also like the idea of characters "breaking walls". So I wanted to show the character both in front of and in back of the oval, as if he's stepping through it, as if it's a portal or doorway of some kind. 

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